Hi Jeremias,

> > there is a JavadocStyleCheck. I have it includes in my
> > checkstyle-5.0.xml for testing. I use the standard settings. It tests
> > for empty JavaDoc and missing points in the first line.
> Yes, but it can't check for that mandatory line between the body and the
> parameters, right?


> > I didn't found anything which checks for {...@code} instead of <tt> and
> > <code>. Can we add the use of {...@code} instead of <tt> and <code> to the
> > conventions page?
> It took me some searching to find out where that {...@code} is even
> specified. It seems to be a Javadoc 1.5 feature:
> http://java.sun.com/javase/6/docs/technotes/tools/windows/javadoc.ht...@code
> Please note that we're technically still on Java 1.4. A {...@code} results
> in a warning and its content is swallowed with Javadoc 1.4.
> Sun's styleguide still lists <code> for keywords and names:
> http://java.sun.com/j2se/javadoc/writingdoccomments/#styleguide

But I'm sure that the majority of developers is migrating to {...@code} or
generally speaking away from HTML. One advantage except from not
relaying on HTML is, that inside code you can use any character such as
"<", "&" and ">" which isn't allowed in HTML or XML.

> While researching I found that I seem to have used @code accidentally in
> some places but with the actual intention of using @link (see
> IFDocumentHandler, for example). What a mess. :-( I'll fix that.

Oh I see :-) So there are currently 105 usages of {...@code} in the trunk.
What to do? Can't we allow {...@code} if we generate Javadoc with Java 1.5?

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