FOP devs,

Would this be suitable for a GSoC project? It is certainly not
trivial, and the candidate should have a reasonable chance of success.


On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 04:57:47PM +0000, Peterdk wrote:
> Hi,
> I am wondering, I need a basic version of table-layout=auto. It's not yet
> implemented with FOP.
> I am willing to set a bounty of max 250$ for it, if it's implemented to a
> level that I can use it for my project.
> Are there any devs interested and willing to work on this? For the bounty
> it would be needed to be ready in about 3 months.
> I know there is a patch in bugzilla for a older rev. that gives basic
> functionality, but it fails to work when margin's are applied to the parent
> block or the table itself. I have contacted the author of this patch, but I
> would rather have a FOP dev work on auto-table-layout so the functionality
> will be included in the trunk version so other users also benefit, and I
> prefer to support some FOP dev with some money rather then a other
> programmer.
> Anybody interested? 
> Peter, NL

Simon Pepping
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