Because a serious problem has been reported with the source
distribution files, I herewith cancel the vote. I will rebuild the
release after fixing the reported problems, and reopen a vote.


On Fri, Jul 09, 2010 at 04:54:41PM +0200, Simon Pepping wrote:
> The release files for fop 1.0 are now ready for review and the release
> vote.
> The release files are built from:
> (created in revision 962495).
> The release files are found here:
> cba0264296b49cb3c08f403b19981376  fop-1.0-bin.tar.gz
> 12312c2f5c17d45000517e32e68e116b
> bb921758e2eb4327b7ac01c5f5fec455  fop-1.0-src.tar.gz
> 0ac83532ad1ebfd878ca2a9e43a0a7b9
> c4d60c28b5a51676ae90473f80808807  fop-1.0-bundle.jar

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