Simon Pepping wrote:

Hi Simon,

After some thought I decided that it will be quite acceptable to
include all files in lib/build in the source distribution. After all,
the source distribution is for people who undertake to build FOP
themselves, so a larger download and more tools should not be a
problem for them.

I concur with this thinking. It is perfectly reasonable for the source distribution to be larger than the binary distribution. It would be very annoying if in order to build FOP I had to download several 3rd party JAR files before I could do that.




On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 03:37:57PM +0200, Simon Pepping wrote:
I am not in favor of including all jar files in lib/build in the
source distribution. Do we use retroweaver? I seem to recall that that
was a plan on which we did not execute. Do we need to include tools
for PMD and Findbugs reports? Or for doing XMLUnit tests? They are not
essential build tools, they are tools for advanced building with

I found that it i can compile when I include qdox only.

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