After some thought I decided that it will be quite acceptable to
include all files in lib/build in the source distribution. After all,
the source distribution is for people who undertake to build FOP
themselves, so a larger download and more tools should not be a
problem for them.


On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 03:37:57PM +0200, Simon Pepping wrote:
> I am not in favor of including all jar files in lib/build in the
> source distribution. Do we use retroweaver? I seem to recall that that
> was a plan on which we did not execute. Do we need to include tools
> for PMD and Findbugs reports? Or for doing XMLUnit tests? They are not
> essential build tools, they are tools for advanced building with
> diagnostics.
> I found that it i can compile when I include qdox only.

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