On Mon, Aug 16, 2010 at 05:29:10PM -0400, Benson Margulies wrote:
> Simon,
> The people who make Sonar host Apache projects for free. Many Apache
> projects have Sonar set up there, and can get findbugs and all sorts of
> other useful data without individual contributors running these tools.

You mean http://nemo.sonarsource.org/? That might solve the problem of
heavy or difficult to install tools on individual PCs. I will check it
out in more detail. What do other committers think?
> Having written that ...
> for what it's worth, I am personally opposed to taking the default output of
> 'findbugs' as gospel. Many of the things that it reports are 'bugs' only in
> the eyes of its authors or the religious.
> On other projects I've worked on, the project has come up with an agreeable
> set of checkstyle and/or PMD rules that are treated as 'normative', but
> findbugs output is hard to treat as anything except a report that you can
> read and consider whether any particular item deserves to be addressed.
> Aiming for a perfect score there seems unrealistic.

Actually, I liked correcting the clone problems, since that imposes a
stricter OO coding style, with proper inheritance. But indeed, it is
one way of designing one's code, and changing an existing code base
may even be counterproductive due to existing semantics.
> Meanwhile, I am, completely off to one side, curious as to why you think
> that maven is a 'big' solution. Sheer disk space of the downloaded
> components? Something else? I build CXF on a rather wimpy MacMini at home
> from time to time. It is thirsty for permgen space when you use certain
> plugins, but plain old compiling has never struck me as that different from
> ant.

FOP can be developed and run using simple tools. A large user base are
docbook authors, who can use FOP as part of a tool chain that enables
them to author and render technical documentation. Such authors may
use a standard desktop for their work. FOP developers may come from
that community. Maven seems to be an enterprise level infrastructure.
If FOP developers were required to use it to deploy the release, it
would raise the bar for developers due to concerns of enterprise
development teams. I do not want that. If FOP needs to be deployed on
enterprise level infrastructures, users from those circles need to
step forward and help us. findbugs raised my suspicion that it raises
the bar beyond desktop tools as well. (I admit that the problem seems
to be limited to lack of memory. A recent desktop meets the memory
requirements easily. But the number of users who report using MS
Windows XP makes me suspect that I am not the only user who happily
observes that his old desktop continues to live.) I hope this explains
my concerns with maven and perhaps findbugs. As said above, a server
based solution, within or outside of the ASF, could help us well
to overcome some of those concerns.


Simon Pepping
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