On 22 Feb 2011, at 20:39, Andreas Delmelle wrote:

> ...
> --and so, I caved in started already...

In PDFFactory, I have some conflicts to work out first, but the fix-up is 
rather simple there. In the respective methods, eliminate all unnecessary 
boxing and use explicit (double) casts where appropriate.

ColorUtil seems to be somewhat of a can of worms... It's not restricted to the 
method where the issue was raised, but likely the result of copy-pasting a 
pattern from a method that was already 'excused'.
At any rate, catching plain Exception should really be avoided, IMO, and traded 
for catching the specific type(s) of exception we know can be thrown in that 
block of code. In that case, it is completely unnecessary to resort to 
silly-looking constructs like catching PropertyException just to rethrow it 
(since the method allows it anyway).
If I judge correctly, for some (if not most) of the methods, there seems to be 
no need for a try-catch block (?)

3 remaining on my end ;-)



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