On 02 Mar 2011, at 22:30, Andreas Delmelle wrote:

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> The implementation of the (from-page-master) function itself seems like a 
> simple thing to add. Even someone who doesn't know FOP's codebase should be 
> able to figure it out in no more than one day... (not taking into account 
> preparatory setup + potentially corresponding delays; one debug session using 
> a simple FO document with a supported function call could be enough)

Reconsidering that, this may have been a bit too quick, but only a bit: 
Obviously, the result of the function call can only be known at parse-time in a 
limited set of cases. Not so difficult for the side-regions, though, as the 
static-contents are generally mapped to very specific region-references. That 
is just a property lookup in the FO tree.
For flow descendants, if the flow is just generically mapped to 
'xsl-region-body' (= the only option FOP currently supports) it may be 
significantly harder to solve, since it is only known much, much later which 
page-master will actually be used, and hence which exact region-body needs to 
be looked at.



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