On 02/03/11 21:30, Andreas Delmelle wrote:
> On 02 Mar 2011, at 21:30, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
>> I came across a very interesting section of the XSL-FO 1.1
>> Recommendation. This is the description of the 
>> from-page-master-region
>> function in section 5.10.4, “Property Value Functions”.
> IIRC, the related passages were quite different in XSL-FO 1.0, and likely 
> FOP's implementation still leans toward those definitions. Now that I look 
> closer at it --never checked this at the time-- reference-orientation indeed 
> *was* inherited in 1.0. That explains bug #46826.

I see. I thought that was an oversight in FOPropertyMapping.

<snip />
>> Because the from-page-master-region function is used, the
>> “reference-orientation” property specified on the fo:simple-page-master
>> and the regions is used to determine their orientations.
>> So the content-rectangle of the page-reference-area is like this:
>> <snip />
>> While the content-rectangle of the region-viewport-area for the
>> region-before is supposed to be like this:
>> <snip />
>> which is completely inconsistent with the description of
>> fo:region-before:
>>    “The before-edge of the content-rectangle of this
>>    region-viewport-area is positioned coincident with the before-edge
>>    of the content-rectangle of the page-reference-area generated using
>>    the parent fo:simple-page-master. The block-progression-dimension of
>>    the region-viewport-area is determined by the extent trait on the
>>    fo:region-before formatting object.”
> Unless ... the viewport is where the actual rotation takes place. 
> IIC, the region-viewport's before-edge is still parallel to the 
> page-reference-area's before edge. The before-edge of the 
> region-reference-area, however, is the one that is rotated another 90 
> degrees...

See the following sentence in Section 6.4.15, “fo:region-before”:
    “The reference-orientation and writing-mode of the
    region-viewport-area are determined by the formatting object that
    generates the area (see 6.4.5 fo:page-sequence). The
    reference-orientation of the region-reference-area is set to "0" and
    is, therefore, the same as the orientation established by the
    region-viewport-area. The writing-mode of the region-reference-area
    is set to the same value as that of the region-viewport-area.”

So the region-reference-area has the same orientation as the

> If, by content-rectangle, one refers to the viewport, then there might be no 
> inconsistency (?)
> <snip />
>> Unless, of course, I have completely missed the point, which might well
>> be the case.
> Only forgot to check the history/legacy --as did I when I filed bug #46826

Frankly, I’m not willing to look at the XSL-FO 1.0 Recommendation.
I don’t have the energy to understand the logic that’s explained there,
understanding one version is already hard enough. But, most of all,
I don’t want to have two versions loaded in my head at the same time.
I would completely confuse things between the two. It’s already easy
enough to make confusions with just one version.


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