´╗┐Hello there. I have been busy implementing 128 bit PDF encryption for FOP. I 
have already got it working successfully but one issue remains that I have a 
question about.

In the org.apache.fop.pdf.PDFEncriptionJCE.init() method there is one place where I want 
to broadcast an event message. I looked 
athttp://xmlgraphics.apache.org/fop/trunk/events.html  to learn about events. However it 
just shows "EventBroadcaster broadcaster = [get it from somewhere];" and 
doesn't show how I should be getting the broadcaster. After looking in the code in the 
AFP package for existing examples I put together the following which seems to work on 

FopFactory fopFactory = FopFactory.newInstance();
FOUserAgent agent = fopFactory.newFOUserAgent();
EventBroadcaster eventBroadcaster = agent.getEventBroadcaster();
PDFEventProducer eventProducer = 

This creates a new FopFactory, from which I create a new FOUserAgent, from 
which I can get the event broadcaster to supply to my event producer. (I had to 
create a PDFEventProducer which extends EventProducer. Plus 
PDFEventProducer.xml which contains the message mapping.)

In this case the EventBroadcaster will be created new every time so I am not 
sure existing listeners will pick up. So is there a recommended way that I can 
get an existing event broadcaster to use? Or is the above way the correct way 
to do it after all?

Version of FOP is v1.0. Platform is Ubuntu Linux, running from within the 
Eclipse IDE.



Michael Rubin

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