From the lazy user POV: Enable it by default, but if somebody compiles a list 
of performance enhancement measures, be sure to remember this option.


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Von: Glenn Adams []
Gesendet: Dienstag, 19. Juli 2011 03:41
An: FOP Developers
Betreff: should complex script features be enabled or disabled by default?

I'm adding a feature to allow enable/disable of complex script features (bidi, 
complex char to glyph mapping) at runtime, using either (or both) command line 
option and config file element; the question I have is whether to enable or 
disable by default?

If enabled by default, those who don't use complex scripts or don't want 
advanced typography features in non-complex scripts will incur a minor 
performance penalty.

If disabled by default, then those users who use complex scripts or want 
advanced typography features in non-complex scripts will need to do something 
special to enable this support.

What does the group think? I don't have a strong preference either way.


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