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Regards, Georg
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Peter West

"How can these things be?"

On 28/07/2011, at 9:59 PM, Vincent Hennebert wrote:

> On 27/07/11 13:39, Jeremias Maerki wrote:
>> On 27.07.2011 12:09:58 Vincent Hennebert wrote:
>> So we're back to nitpicking.

Oh, absolutely not!

> I actually find it very worrying that you consider this to be
> nitpicking, when any decent book about software programming will

... etc. etc.

>> I've done that intentionally to indicate
>> that the variable is only just used by the following method.
> By putting it at a non-expected place you're making it difficult to find
> the variable and understand in a quick glance what the class is made of.
> This hampers the readability and maintainability of the code. Given that
> it's what we spend most of our time on, I find this worrying.

That is, by assisting the understanding of the use of this variable, you have 
made it harder to "understand in a quick glance."  But in any case...
> Your needing to put the variable near to the methods that use it is
> a clear sign that this class is too big and needs to be split into
> smaller entities.
>> And the
>> null is only there to emphasize that the variable is lazily assigned
>> because the thing is often not even needed.
> This is an interesting convention, although I believe it is cancelled out
> by the fact that in a vast majority of cases, the initialization is
> there just out of ignorance of Java's default initialization. But that
> doesn't matter too much.

That is, you're a dope who doesn't understand Java, unlike some. Come clean, 

>>> makes the method hard to understand and maintain. This method should
>>> most probably be split into smaller methods.
>> I'll swallow my comment to this and just do the split:
>> http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=1151447&view=rev
> When I read this and the sarcastic message associated to the commit, I'm
> concerned about the unwelcoming atmosphere that is being created on this
> mailing list. Can we try and remain civil to each other?

Vincent is concerned that YOU are creating an unwelcome atmosphere on this 
list. Jeremias, when will you learn?

>>> But more importantly, there is no unit test that comes with this commit.
>>> So there is no reason to believe that the problem is fixed and, most of
>>> all, will not happen again in the future. Can you please add a unit test
>>> for this?
>> No, I cannot. For licensing reasons. I can't upload the font that's
>> causing this into the Apache SVN repository. I'd have to artificially
>> construct a font that emulates this and I certainly won't try to do that.
> We have the DejaVuLGCSerif font in our tests/resources/fonts directory.
> Surely it must be possible to reproduce the issue with that font. Did
> you have a look at it?

Well, DID you? Eh? Eh?

> Thanks,
> Vincent

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