IMHO, "Production ready" should only cited before a FOP release, not for
a merge of branch to trunk.
At this stage, the only questions are about regression tests (and code
readability, since open source).

Merging the branch now should encourage more users to test these new
features and give feedback.

Le 19/10/2011 14:25, Glenn Adams a écrit :
> You ask about whether this merge is truly production ready? Is this a
> requirement for doing a merge from a temporary branch? How would you
> define truly production ready? Is FOP itself truly production
> ready? I've spend the last couple of months creating over 500,000 tests.
> I wonder if any other part of FOP is so thoroughly tested? Frankly
> speaking, I would like to put even more tests into place, and I will
> over time, but I'm not going to do that until the current work is merged.

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