Hi Simon,

I've contacted my management and asked what our teams can do to help test.  I 
report to our development not to our quality departments, and I can't speak for 
our quality departments.  I've contacted our international teams about what 
they can do to help test.

The bottom-line to our testing is that when a new FOP is released, we test our 
software on the new FOP, and testing is done with every application that uses 
FOP.  With an international FOP, international applications would be tested.  
That much is guaranteed by our normal testing process.  It is a tribute to the 
quality of FOP that we have never had to report a FOP issue, even though our 
reports can be quite complicated.  But I take it you would like us to get 
involved with the testing effort before a new FOP is released.  When you are 
discussing our involvement, are you discussing our testing the FOP that results 
from the merger onto the trunk, once that is accomplished?   I understand you 
are ironing out the details of what that merger would look like. 

You said bug reports should go to fop-users, but isn't it the case that .fo 
attachments won't be accepted by fop-users?  Don't bug reports have to be 
created through Bugzilla?  We can discuss what we see in terms of bugs on 
fop-users, but if we can't provide .fo files, won't our discussion be less 

Best Regards,
Jonathan Levinson
Senior Software Developer
Object Group
+1 617-621-0600

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> Jonathan,
> Obviously, FOP's strongest supporters over the past years do not require this
> new functionality. FOP needs the additional support of new stakeholders of 
> this
> new functionality. Could your teams test it on their documents and report 
> their
> findings to the fop-user email list?
> Simon Pepping
> On Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 03:20:40PM -0400, Jonathan Levinson wrote:
> > We -- at InterSystems -- deploy an application that runs in upwards of 40
> countries, using many of the languages for which complex script support is
> required.
> >
> > We definitely need complex script support.  It is a requirement for us.

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