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> Hello!
> Today, the majority of Unicode's characters are outside the BMP. This
> involves many alphabets and other character sets. Here are links to two of
> these non-BMP planes:
> and
> and more are to come because dozens of
> alphabets are not part of Unicode, yet.
> Today's FOP supports no more than a minority of Unicode's characters and
> this minority will become proportionally less and less in the future. I
> consider that there is a need to solve this problem in the long run.
> Trying to "solve" the problem for some specific non-BMP characters will lead
> to this problem coming back again and again ...
> I will use FOP *much* more often as soon as it supports non-BMP characters.
> Regards!
> Saašha,

I'm sorry Saašha but I do not accept the rationale of your argument. First,
FOP supports the representation of all BMP characters which is the vast
majority of modern usage, >99.994%.

If you cannot demonstrate to me a real, current need to use non-BMP characters
or cannot demonstrate a font that actually supports these character mappings
that you need to use, then I will leave this bug prioritized low (P5).

If you wish to contribute a patch that adds non-BMP support, then the FOP
team would be happy to apply it. In the mean time, you shall have to wait
until this enhancement gets higher in the priority queue, and that will have
to await many other enhancements in my opinion, such as finishing support
for complex scripts, adding full CJK support, etc.

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