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> Hello,
> Thanks for your comment and sorry for my misleading message and poor
> English. 
> Here is my problem:
> When XML data files contains Chinese character with byte code does not exist
> in PUA, "?" will be displayed. 
> And here is the fonts library information
> And here is the character I failed to generated
> Unicde code (Hex):2070E
> According to the above URL, old PUA characters have been moved to non PUA
> code point assignment. It seems that Chinese characters in PUA will not have
> any enhancement or support in coming future. So is it possible to put this
> enhancment (support surrogate pairs characters) to higher priority? 
> Cheers, 
> Kit

Irrelevant. Characters encoded using PUA are not interchangeable. Private means
Private. In any case, I'll ignore your comment unless and until you provide a
sample FO/PDF pair demonstrating a problem.

May I remind you that work on FOP (or any other Apache project) is done on a
volunteer or sponsorship basis. If you want the priority placed higher, then
either volunteer to do the work or sponsor someone to do the work. I welcome
all improvements to FOP and will do my utmost to apply patches quickly, but
your request to prioritize a particular feature has no weight unless you do
something concrete to assist.

Just as an FYI, my personal priority is to improve support for BMP encoded
scripts, and then move on to non-BMP features.

Respectfully, Glenn

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