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> Hello,
> I have used FOP library to generate PDF files for a serval years. It was a
> great library to perform the task. However, I found some "?" exist in PDF
> files recently. I have tried to find the root cause, the problem character
> byte code is not same with my previous using one. According to Microsoft
> document(here is the link
>, some of the
> characters can be represented by both PUA or Unicode 4.1 byte code. And PUA
> is just a backward compatiable solution. And it seems PUA support is going
> to fade out in coming future. So is it possible to put this enhancment to
> higher priority?
> Kit

I don't understand your comment. You need to provide more details to know if
you have a problem or not, and if you do, whether it relates to this bug or
not. If you have a problem with a specific input FO file, then attach that file
along with the PDF file you obtain when running FOP. Also attach any console
output. Once you do these things, I can evaluate whether your problem is
legitimate or not and whether it is related or not.

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