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> Hello,
> Thanks for your comment and sorry for my misleading message and poor
> English. 
> Here is my problem:
> When XML data files contains Chinese character with byte code does not exist
> in PUA, "?" will be displayed. 
> And here is the fonts library information
> And here is the character I failed to generated
> Unicde code (Hex):2070E
> According to the above URL, old PUA characters have been moved to non PUA
> code point assignment. It seems that Chinese characters in PUA will not have
> any enhancement or support in coming future. So is it possible to put this
> enhancment (support surrogate pairs characters) to higher priority? 
> Cheers, 
> Kit

i've asked once, and i'll ask again: please provide a minimal input FO file and
an output PDF file demonstrating a problem; if you can't or won't do this, i
can not do anything to help

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