As you may have noticed, I’ve recently spent some time updating the
Temp_TrueTypeInPostScript branch to the latest trunk and doing some
clean-up (thanks to Robert for updating the testcases to JUnit 4).

We have been using the code from this branch for quite a while now and
it has proven to work reasonably well. I won’t hide the fact that some
parts of the code are truly ugly (in PSFontUtils mainly), but it’s not
possible to clean that up without heavily refactoring the font
sub-system, which I unfortunately can’t spend time on right now. At
least the ugliness is fairly self-contained. Meanwhile some users may
find the additional functionality useful.

So I’d like to propose a vote for merging that branch back to Trunk. The
vote will run until Thursday 21st, 8:00GMT.

Here’s my +1.


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