On 22/06/2012 19:35, Vincent Hennebert wrote:

Hi Vincent,
While I was merging the FOP branch I suddenly remembered that there were
changes also to XGC.

Strictly speaking I should have launched a vote on general@ to approve
the merge of the XGC part. But since I was already in the middle of the
merge process and that process is fairly complicated (involving many
manipulations behind the scenes to keep our private branches in sync),
I didn’t want to stop, launch the vote, and restart later, and loose
track of what I was doing where and why.

Since the FOP branch depends on the XGC changes anyway, one could assume
that approving the merge of the FOP branch implicitly meant to approve
that of the XGC branch.

Please shout if you believe this is twisting the Apache policy too much,
and we’ll see what we can do.

+1 from me. I don't see this as a problem. Thanks for taking care of the Merge in both FOP and XGC to provide this feature to FOP users.




On 22/06/12 11:50, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
We have 7 +1, the vote passes.

I’ll proceed with the merge within the next few days.


On 15/06/12 11:25, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
As you may have noticed, I’ve recently spent some time updating the
Temp_TrueTypeInPostScript branch to the latest trunk and doing some
clean-up (thanks to Robert for updating the testcases to JUnit 4).

We have been using the code from this branch for quite a while now and
it has proven to work reasonably well. I won’t hide the fact that some
parts of the code are truly ugly (in PSFontUtils mainly), but it’s not
possible to clean that up without heavily refactoring the font
sub-system, which I unfortunately can’t spend time on right now. At
least the ugliness is fairly self-contained. Meanwhile some users may
find the additional functionality useful.

So I’d like to propose a vote for merging that branch back to Trunk. The
vote will run until Thursday 21st, 8:00GMT.

Here’s my +1.


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