Hi Vincent,

On 21/08/2013 11:08, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
This work allows to directly use FOP-configured fonts for SVG images,
instead of trying to find, via AWT, equivalent fonts installed on the
system, and then mapping them to FOP fonts when generating the output.

Please note that this introduces a dependency on the trunk version of
Batik, with the patch from BATIK-1041 applied. That means that before
releasing the next version of FOP, a new version of Batik will have to
be released first.

This vote will run until Monday, 26 August 11:00 UTC.

+1 from me.


I also share the concerns of Pascal and Clay. However, I really see that as a separate discussion that the PMC needs to have about the future of Batik. I've been meaning to start it but I'm really busy ATM. In the meantime there is a practical solution to the dependency issue as mentioned by Luis.




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