Time to sum up. We have 6 +1, the vote passes.

That said, there have been reservations expressed about the dependency
on a patched version of Batik. So I’ll defer the merge until the PMC has
found a viable solution for Batik’s future.


On 21/08/13 12:08, Vincent Hennebert wrote:
> This work allows to directly use FOP-configured fonts for SVG images,
> instead of trying to find, via AWT, equivalent fonts installed on the
> system, and then mapping them to FOP fonts when generating the output.
> Please note that this introduces a dependency on the trunk version of
> Batik, with the patch from BATIK-1041 applied. That means that before
> releasing the next version of FOP, a new version of Batik will have to
> be released first.
> This vote will run until Monday, 26 August 11:00 UTC.
> +1 from me.
> Thanks,
> Vincent

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