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> The DITA-OT (DITA Open Toolkit) (http://www.ditaopentoolkit.org/) is an
> open source project that depends on FOP.
> It takes DITA (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Darwin_Information_Typing_
> Architecture) XML input and produces a number of different document types.
> One of the main output types is PDF and it uses FOP to do this. It takes
> DITA input (xml) and produces an intermediate set of files that are
> processed by FOP to produce a PDF. It can also produce HTML
> There is a Maven plug-in to control the production in an IDE environment.
> It calls all the bits and pieces required to take the raw DITA XML files
> and output a document in PDF in the target folder.
> There is some interest in adding DITA-OT to the Apache family and in my
> opinion, the XMLGraphics group seems like a natural home and the FOP
> sub-project might be a good place for DITA-OT to reside.
> DITA-OT is a large community of users but a small community of developers.
> There are also a few enhancement ideas that would require FOP enhancements
> to complete.
> In addition, my own belief is that the FOP community could add some
> technical advice to the DITA-OT community that would be helpful.
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/dita-ot/ is the download page. DITA-OT is
> currently distributed under the Apache License V2.0.
> I am not one of the main players in the group but have taken on the task
> of seeing if there is a possibility of opening the discussion with the FOP
> group.
> Would there be any interest in considering adding front-end XML processing
> to the FOP production project?

FOP already has a front-end XML processor. It's called XSLT. It is provided
solely as a convenience function. Some of us have doubts about whether that
was a good idea or not, since it tends to generate a lot of traffic
unrelated to FOP's core function.

Why do you want *more* front end processing and why isn't XSLT sufficient?

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