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    The DITA-OT (DITA Open Toolkit) (http://www.ditaopentoolkit.org/)
    is an open source project that depends on FOP.
    It takes DITA
    XML input and produces a number of different document types.
    One of the main output types is PDF and it uses FOP to do this. It
    takes DITA input (xml) and produces an intermediate set of files
    that are processed by FOP to produce a PDF. It can also produce HTML
    There is a Maven plug-in to control the production in an IDE
    environment. It calls all the bits and pieces required to take the
    raw DITA XML files and output a document in PDF in the target folder.

    There is some interest in adding DITA-OT to the Apache family and
    in my opinion, the XMLGraphics group seems like a natural home and
    the FOP sub-project might be a good place for DITA-OT to reside.

    DITA-OT is a large community of users but a small community of
    There are also a few enhancement ideas that would require FOP
    enhancements to complete.
    In addition, my own belief is that the FOP community could add
    some technical advice to the DITA-OT community that would be helpful.

    http://sourceforge.net/projects/dita-ot/ is the download page.
    DITA-OT is currently distributed under the Apache License V2.0.

    I am not one of the main players in the group but have taken on
    the task of seeing if there is a possibility of opening the
    discussion with the FOP group.

    Would there be any interest in considering adding front-end XML
    processing to the FOP production project?

FOP already has a front-end XML processor. It's called XSLT. It is provided solely as a convenience function. Some of us have doubts about whether that was a good idea or not, since it tends to generate a lot of traffic unrelated to FOP's core function.

Why do you want *more* front end processing and why isn't XSLT sufficient?

"More" means a set of XSLT stylesheets that validates a standard language called DITA (Docbook supported as well) and transforms it to FOP input (or HTML).

You do raise a good point about the user group traffic and splitting the conversation between FOP concerns and the more diverse discussions about how to get FOP input from the various sources of text and graphics.

The addition of the DITA group to the project might relieve(or redirect) some of that traffic. It will, at least, add quite a few people to the project who are used to dealing with the front-end requirements of creating the original DITA XML with editors, converting non-XML source text to XML and writing XSLT stylesheets, who can respond to questions that are more about documentation management than document construction.


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