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> On 07 Jun 2015, at 19:39, Jan Tosovsky <j.tosov...@email.cz> wrote:

> I've found some progress on 'change bar' support here
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FOP-1760
> discussed further here:
> http://apache-fop.1065347.n5.nabble.com/Change-bars-support-in-FOP-td38134.h
> tml
> There is mentioned more test cases are required. What exactly should be
> tested? I could prepare something to help to move this feature forward.

I am unsure of the status of this patch, and how difficult it would be to apply 
it to the current trunk or the existing branch, but I can tell you that the 
tests that Glenn was referring to are mainly just a bunch of FO files. 
Preferably lots of them, exhaustively checking various scenarios.

In order to be easily usable as a "layout engine test", those FO files just 
need to be wrapped into a testcase document, with added assertions about the 

See: http://wiki.apache.org/xmlgraphics-fop/HowToCreateLayoutEngineTests

Note: this does require some affinity with the Area Tree XML format in order to 
get the XPath expressions for the checks correct, so if you do not have time to 
dive into that, it's OK to leave the checks node empty, or just write what you 
want to check in there as a comment (TODO).

If you already have the time and the patience to provide something resembling 
real-life use cases, that will be much appreciated. 

No guarantees about when someone will have time available to pick it up, 



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