On 2015-07-02 Jan Tosovsky wrote:
> I've attached the updated patch recently to the related ticket:
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/FOP-1760
> From that time I locally fixed two issues (2 - support for overlapping
> bars) and (4 - wrapping table cells). The rest requires the help of
> more experienced devs.

I've moved forward the rest of issues. Currently I am considering what
should be covered by layout tests.

My proposal:
change-bar-on-inline (solid bar of same thickness in various places of the
change-bar-on-block (same for block element)
change-bar-on-list (same for list)
change-bar-on-table (same for various table fragments - cell, rows, headers,
change-bar-on-wrapper (same for wrapper element)
change-bar-on-overlapped (testing overlapped bars)

change-bar-style (block elements with various bar styles
/solid/dashed/dotted/..., colors and widths)
change-bar-position (block elements with start/left/end/inset/... position)
change-bar-direction (testing position in LR/RL direction)

Btw, what is preferred dummy text? Currently I use The Universal Declaration
of Human Rights (Article 1). Is it Ok?

Thanks, Jan

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