> On 24 Jul 2015, at 15:00, Andreas L. Delmelle <andreas.delme...@telenet.be> 
> wrote:
>> On 24 Jul 2015, at 12:08, Jan Tosovsky <j.tosov...@email.cz> wrote:
>> Are you referring to Pascal comment from 16/Oct/13? In this case I'd rather 
>> create a dedicated issue (if it is still relevant) as the original text and 
>> majority of comments is IMHO about incorrect alignment when a leader is 
>> surrounded with spaces. They can be either eliminated (as a workaround) or 
>> handled properly, which I believe is covered by your changes.
> Good point.

Interesting addition, in support of that:
I just noticed that my proposed change does seem to resolve the related issue 
(FOP-1162) entirely. Without that change to TextLM, the output still appears 
slightly misaligned. After the change, the whole TOC in that document looks 
neatly justified as well. Yea! :)



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