ive got the following problem,
i did everthing like it is said in http://xml.apache.org/fop/fonts.html,
created metrics etc..

fop says: "Writing 12180 bytes of font data"

But there is still the standard font in my pdf.

im using fop 0.20.2.  

the entry in the conf/userconfig.xml:

                <font metrics-file="FONTS\ANTQUAB.XML" kerning="yes"
                        <font-triplet name="BookAntiqua,Bold"
style="normal" weight="bold"/>
                        <font-triplet name="Book Antiqua Bold"
style="normal" weight="bold"/>

this is the beginning of the metrics-file:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<font-metrics type="TYPE0">


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