At 6:08 am -0800 5/2/02, Carlos Araya wrote:
On 02/05/02 3:08, "ewitness - Ben Fowler" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
 > My understanding is that is is possible to both digitally
sign and encrypt PDF files.
Using Acrobat you can do that and a lot more. However I don't think that's
what Fop was designed for. You can always use Acrobat to polish a document
produced with Fop.

If it is outside the design domain for FOP, then we ought not to spend too much time on it.

See below. I am actually quite keen to use a fully automated
system, dispensing with the need for Acrobat, and actually locking
the documnent (output from a database) against its author, as in

 > This is described in the 'ppk_pdfspec.pdf' downloadable.
The fact that it is on the spec doesn't mean that it has to be implemented
by Fop. Before worrying about encryption and digital signatures, Fop needs
to achieve full conformance to the basic FO specification. Remember, Fop
deals primarily with XSL:Fo and PDF is only one of the output methods.

Fair enough, but if it is in an open spec. It is likely possible, which is what the OP was asking.

I do of course agree that conformance, possibly full conformance
to FO should be achieved before concentrating on minutiae
such as this, which are probably only of interest to a minority.

Standards conformance is in the interests of all.

I think, though, that it is also true that the majority
of people here have a greater interest in PDF than any other
application of FOP. Furthermore there is already a high
quality FO -> TeX pathway, so I don't think that people
would be inconvienced by an effort to 'polish' the PDF
arm of this project.

> If so, it should surely be still possible to encrypt/lock
a document.
Do I hear you volunteering to write the code to do it?

Yes. I am not sure that I will get started full before the end of February, but I intend to contribute to

        1. Java 1.1.8 version
        2. keep-with
        3. Encryption

All of those are things that I potentially need.


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