I think he wanted to use a javax.activation.DataSource or equalent to be
able to write an image held in memory directly without storing it, but I
could be wrong :)


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Ämne: Re: dynamic image in PDF

> I have a servlet which creates imagery. I want to embed this in a PDF 
> document and I've been playing around with FOP in JSP. I can get PDF 
> generated but only on static image references, using external- 
> graphic. What I need to know is - is there anyway of generating the 
> image dynamically, with the reference to the servlet embedded in the 
> .fo ?
> I can see there is a fo:instream- foreign-object but the examples just

> show examples of SVG. Is there anyway to extend this and if so, 
> doesanyone have examples ?

I haven't tested what you do, but I think you should be able to specify
a full URL with parameters and all in the "src" attribute of
"external-graphic" that will call your servlet to get the image. Or do
you get any error messages?

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