> Am I the only one having problems with including images when running FOP
> as part of a J2EE application?
> When running FOP stand alone, I can specify the path to my image as per
> normal, but when Im running FOP as part of my application I get output
> that boils down to that I havent specified a base directory.
> Now, going through the API I find no way of setting FOP:s base directory
> at runtime, neither how to turn off logging.
> Could someone help me out?
> It would be awesome if I could give FOP an Image or a byte[] directly,
> but just getting file: or url: to work when its part of an application
> would do for now.

You can try to specify a base directory with the following call where
baseDir is an URL String like "file:D:/Temp".

Configuration.put("baseDir", baseDir);

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