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> I have to display revision bars on a document.

I have a similar requirement. Was going to post this self-same question

> I can't change the DTD ( SGML one, I transform sgml instances in xml
> before my fop treatment )

Exactly my situation. If XML had retained marked sections then I could do
away with the SGML master copy altogether. (I always said that the
non-inclusion of marked sections in the XML spec was stupid. But I also
said that the original goal of XML being implemented in 2 weeks by a
computing science student was impossible.)

> ... that specifies that the revisions bars
> must appear in front of the text which is between the tags
> <startOfRevision/> and <endOfRevision/> ; note that these tags
> are empty, and are included elements, in SGML sense !

I'm using the DocBook DTD and am contractualy limited to what additions I
can make to the DTD itself. Adding general entities is about the limit.

> Do you think I can display those bars
> - with XSL  (if possible, and I think it's not )
> - by inserting invisible marks in the PDF and have a post treatment on the PDK
> with the Adobe SDK. So, what kind of mark can I use ??

I don't have the option of using Adobe products. So I'm after a pure

Regards, Trevor

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