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> Hi,
> I'll apologise in advance for potentially being ignorant to the way Apache
> projects work.
> I'm interested in using FOP in a COM object for use on a web server to
> me to dynamically generate PDF documents. I want to take database content
> and mark this up using XSL, generate my PDF and then return it to the
> client.
> My questions are as follows...
> 1. Can this be done technically? I believe a colleague of mine will be
> to take the FOP source and make a COM object out of it, I'll then be able
> use the COM object within my ASP to do what I want to do.

Technically yes, it's possible to use a Java class as a COM object.
Search the web for systems that make this possible.
Being in a server environment, you could make an EJB out of FOP and use that
as a COM object with the Sun bridge. See for details.

> 2. Is what I want to do, in accordance with licensing? If I were to do
> would I breach any copyright? Break any laws? Upset hard working
> who produces the code?


Which means: you can do what you want, just remember to give us credit and
don't blame-sue us for anything that might happen with the code.

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