Platform: Intel PIII, debian testing, Blackdown Java SDK 1.3.1,
          Saxon 6.4.4, DocBook XML 4.1.2, DocBook-XSL 1.48,

Does Fop still have a problem with keep-with-*?  Searches on the net
seem to indicate that this was the case as late as February this year:

If the problem still persists, does anyone know of a good workaround? 

I have a problem with the title of a section, in a DocBook XML
article, not "sticking with" the rest of the section, when a page
break is inserted.

Since what I'm writing is a step-by-step cookbook with screen shots,
this results in pages consisting of a large image (a screen dump), the
descriptive text for that image, and the section title for the next
screen dump.  And this looks rather silly.

More info on what I have done and tried, can be found in the thread
starting with:


- Steinar

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