>>>>> "J.Pietschmann" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

> [snip!] If you are generating FO from DocBook, this will probably be
> hard, or harder. You can try to fiddle with the docbook style sheets
> to achieve this effect.

Some workaround around those lines, is what I will try tomorrow.

I won't fiddle with the DocBook XSL style sheets directly, but I will
replace a template or several templates, in a local XSL style sheets.

The local style sheet is already in place.  This is where I set the
page size to be a4 instead of the default letter, and this is where I
override the standard table template, to fix stuff.

> If you are at it, you can fix a few other problems DocBook
> generated have (fo:table-and-caption,

Already done in the local style sheet, see

> references to fo:page-sequence and to fo:block with a break-before)

What are the problems with these?  I haven't run into them yet.

> Your alternative is to use a commercial FO processor.

Or PassiveTex, perhaps...?

But I think I would miss the SVG rendering of Fop.

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