Steinar Bang wrote:
Does Fop still have a problem with keep-with-*?

Yes, and this will persist for some time.

I have a problem with the title of a section, in a DocBook XML
article, not "sticking with" the rest of the section, when a page
break is inserted.

The keep-with-* properties work on table rows. The usual recommendation is to use a two row, one column blind table and put the title in the first and the first paragraph in the second row. If you are generating FO from DocBook, this will probably be hard, or harder. You can try to fiddle with the docbook style sheets to achieve this effect. If you are at it, you can fix a few other problems DocBook generated have (fo:table-and-caption, references to fo:page-sequence and to fo:block with a break-before)

Your alternative is to use a commercial FO processor.


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