Before convincing people to use specifically, FOP I would like to convince people that FO is a superior model than traditional model of proprietary solutions (3B2, Compuset) for documents that both FOP and those traditional tools can produce.

In other words, is FO a good strategic directions.

Some questions a bit more precise :

1) What are the advantages of people using XSL-FO as page description language 
rather than the ones their could be using with proprietary tools ?

2) I understand that everything related with XML (XSLT/XSL-FO) has a modern 
flavour that few techies can resist, but what are the objectives reasons ?

3) Are they any advantages to FO being integrated with XSLT that the 
proprietary tools would not have ?


Does somebody know if any of the big software publishing companies are 
considering XSL-FO support ?

P. Andries

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