You're right. The command line wrapper can and probably should delete
the target file in case of an error. Could you check if the return code
is set on the command line? If not, we should fix that.

> > > It is. The problem is that FOP can't delete the output file
> > in case of a
> > > problem if it only gets an OutputStream. And for
> > optimization reasons
> > > FOP can't wait until the end to write the output to the
> > target stream.
> >
> > But does fop should delete output file? I don't think so, that's
> > responsibility of enclosing application, which has full control of
> > OutputStream and can easily do this being catching FOPException.
> All very well for embeddding, but the command prompt version still leaves
> the corrupt file there & no file at all would be preferable to a useless
> one.
> I hope the UNIX script sets the return code on errors (haven't tested yet).

Jeremias Märki

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