I'd fix that if I wasn't short on time. So, would one of you give it a
try and do the fix? First place to lool is of course:
org.apache.fop.apps.Fop.java. I think we only need to set a few
System.exit(-1), or so, in the catch statements there.

If there's too little Java knowledge or some other problem, please add a
bug report to bugzilla for me. I'll then try to look at it as soon as
possible. This will be a little one to fix.

By the way, on Windows you can test the return code of the last executed
program using IF ERRORLEVEL... (See Windows help for more info)

> >> You're right. The command line wrapper can and probably should delete
> >> the target file in case of an error. Could you check if the
> >> return code
> >> is set on the command line? If not, we should fix that.
> >> Jeremias Märki
> > Don't know about UNIX but on Windows it seems that the return
> > code is always 0.
> >
> > Regards
> > Con
> Sorry about the delay, my Solaris test box was reconfigured.
> The return code is not set by FOP on Linux: even appending:
> exit $?
> to fop.sh makes no difference as FOP itself returns 0 regardless.
> NB: running 'java' with no parameters does return error code 1.
> I have no idea how to set or check DOS return codes.

Jeremias Märki

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