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I didn't find this answer in the archives. I'd like to pass an xsl:param value to FOP. Is this possible? I found some information about doing this through the use of a servlet, however I'm using *.BAT files (under Windows) & *.sh scripts (in *NIX). I'd like to be able to pass xsl:param or xsl:variable values, to effect output.
You cannot do it using a command line fop.bat/fop.sh. But you can write your own script, where first invoke xalan to transform xml+xsl to fo, see xalan documentation how to run it from command line[1], and then run FOP in -fo mode.
[1] http://xml.apache.org/xalan-j/commandline.html
Oleg Tkachenko

I'll try this. Unfortunately, at this time, my clients are already complaining about how long it takes to output using FOP. Here's the info from FOP's debug mode:

[DEBUG] Initial heap size: 1828Kb
[DEBUG] Current heap size: 7003Kb
[DEBUG] Total memory used: 5174Kb
[DEBUG]   Memory use is indicative; no GC was performed
[DEBUG]   These figures should not be used comparatively
[DEBUG] Total time used: 11116ms
[DEBUG] Pages rendered: 5
[DEBUG] Avg render time: 2223ms/page

Out of curiosity, how do you think these values would be changed if I did the xalan stuff (passing the parameters & then did the FOP stuff? Do you think this would increase the overall rendering time? If so, by how much. (I'd certainly accept estimations).


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