I am trying to use FOP (v0.20.4) from within a Java application to create a 
printed report that 
contains very precise spacing.  For example, I might have a column of numbers 
such as:
that I need to line up on the decimal point.

I have attempted to do this using a fixed-width font (Courier) along with 

I have tried two possible approaches:

    1. Use PDFRenderer - When I test this (courtesy of the built-in FO 
functionality in XMLSpy5), my printed output is EXACTLY what I want.  However, 
this means an intermediate PDF file being written, followed by a user action to 
open the file in Acrobat Reader and print it.  My requirement is that there be 
no user interaction, so this option is out.

    2. Use AWTRender - I can print the exact same reports without user 
interaction by adapting the code from the org.apache.fop.apps.PrintStarter.   
Unfortunately, my fixed-width font is no longer fixed-width.  In PrintStarter, 
AWTRenderer is extended, so I assume this is a shortcoming of AWT?

I have verified that the fonts I have attempted to use are available by using 
.getAvailableFontFamilyNames() in GraphicsEnvironment.

Does anyone have any advice how I can get my fixed-width fonts to truly be 
rendered as fixed-width, without an intermediate PDF file?

Thank you,
   Jim Ross
   Saint Louis, MO

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