Thaks a lot Alex.

I will be happy if u could let me know the api's/libraries which can be used to create an SVG image out of other images/lines and stuffs like that.


 Alex McLintock <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:


That is what I meant. You are basically creating a big vector graphic with
several bitmap images inside it. Once you have the SVG you can either serve
it directly if your clients have the SVG plugin (unlikely) or embed it
inside XSL:FO

If you look at the specs for XSL:FO they mostly talk about rectangular
blocks of text rather than drawing lines.


At 11:20 23/12/02, Prasanna C wrote:

>I donno abc of SVG. Is it possible with SVG ? So do u mean to say that
>first we have to generate the SVG image which contains all the images we
>have in our flow chart .Then we have to load that single big image(SVG) to
>our docuemnt(pdf). Is it like this ?

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