Prakash R wrote:

Let me try to explain this with an example.

I have a document which has say 10 pages. Within this
document somewhere in between I have 2 pages(page
number not known until the PDF is generated) which are
consecutive and are someway related. So I would like
for these two pages to be side-by-side (on 2 different
pages) as when you open a book i.e. first page is on
left and second page on right (even followed by odd)
in the generated PDF.
If by virtue of the XML the first page ends up being
on the right, I want to force a blank page before so
that the first page comes on the left which will
automatically lay the second page on the right (making
these 2 pages side-by-side).

Hope this clarifies my requirement.

Yes. Put break-before="odd" on the block that starts the content of the two pages.


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