There is one other thing to check for - that your printed PDF is not being 'scaled to fit', use draft quality etc.
- because I forgot once and wasted a lot of time.


The Web Maestro wrote:

On Nov 17, 2005, at 5:22 PM, Manuel Mall wrote

I just did my own test and the results are intriguing (using the latest
version of FOP). There is certainly a big difference between Word and

It appears that FOP ignores the font-weight="bold". That is the text is
rendered identically for font-weight="bold" and font-weight="normal".

This may be due to a lack of a font-triplet for BOLD, although you're using Arial (aren't you?) so IMO it should Just Work(tm)

Secondly it appears to be rendered in nearly the same size as Word
renders at font size 14.

This is when the font is embedded into the PDF.

This may be the problem. It may not be embedding the 'bold' version of the font for some reason.

Converting my FO example to HTML/CSS both IE and FireFox render it
identically and consistent with Word.

This seems to need some further investigation...


Web Maestro Clay

Datalucid Limited

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