Ail Sahin wrote:

One 'page' is one customer with its n-Vouchers. The first page should contain receipient address, subject,
columnnames, text etc and the list of vouchers.
That works fine but when there are many vouchers, a second page ist printed, but with the receipient adress, subject etc.

I guess the problem is that you do *not* want the header information on pages after the first.

I think you will need to create an fo:page-sequence-master for this to work. Do a search on page-position="first" here [1] for the general idea.

Next, very similar to here [2], you'll be activating different fo:simple-page-masters based on whether or not the page is the first in the page sequence. Instead of left or right, however, the issue is first-page or not first-page.




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