Well, I got both jdk, and jre installed (1_3_1_17), I
mean, the did decompress.

They need at least glibc-2.2.4, whilst mine is 2.2.1.
Could not even build fop because of this, therefore
there's no way it would run either, so I got rid of

I wouldn't say this is any odd problem at all, but a
simple glibc dependency issue, though. 

My compiler and glibc are a bit older, as in my
opninion, nobody needs a glibc eating a hundred more
megabytes of memory after each release, and I can
compile new applications as they come out (and I need
them), but the rest of my system is up to date, and
haven't had any problem I couldn't solve. 

Anyway, I've only used java because of fop, and is
just that we don't need to, this is unix.

Ahm, yes I'm sure that 0.91 is a proper production
tool, but I cannot say same of 0.20.5. It's alright
for simple documents, though. But when you start
dealing with tables, or footers or headers, and you
need precision, there's no way, or that's been my

Well, you didn't point out me anywhere, I've been
reading about tex, and it looks quite powerfull and
robust, I whish I would have started with it from the
begining, so I'll do it now.

Best Regards guys,

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