File manipulation - open file, save it as temp for PSPad must be done in the
plugin or in the BAT file.

Example for DBF file plugin:
you have DBF file and you want to edit it in PSPad as CSV/XML or any editable
plugin must open DBF, transform it into CSV and save it into temp file given by
PSPad opens temp file, what is CSV/XML already and can edit it

existing PDF plugin opens PDF and extract text from it for PSPad
existing PDB plugin allows you to edit (load/save) PDB files in PSPad

BAT as interface between any command line tool and PSPad allows you to transform
For example you must edit lot of wrong formated old source codes, you can use
file plugin to call code beautifier in BAT when you load file and simply 
copy %2 %3 when you save file
When you open your source, it will be automatically reformated by code

BAT example:

if %1 == -L some_beautifier --beautify --wraplines --input:%2 --output:%3
if %1 == -S copy %2 %3

Thank you for this clarification,
 I think, this was the main missing point for me, that these tools are expected
to manipulate the files instead of the usual PSPad mechanism;
it is probably also relevant for the initial post, as that ParamTesting.exe
probably doesn't have this functionality, as it only reports the parameters.

Can the file encoding, according to the PSPad setting, be somehow passed to the
plugin to handle it in the same way?

Thanks and regards,

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