Thanks for taking the time to explain! :) I have already tested PDF files.
Thanks for the tip. 

What are there 2 plugin files for 1 file type for? 
"*<PSPad>\Plugins\Some.exe*" <= I call it "_higher plugin_" to avoid
"*<PSPad>\Plugins\FileTypeu3.bat*" <= I call it "_deeper plugin_".

When file extension you want to open is equal any file type plugin
PSPad call plugin to open file, _plugin creates temporary file_ and PSPad
open it. Save process is the same - file is saved from PSPad, send to plugin and
_plugin saves it_.

So far I have not been able to get the deeper plugin to save a file. I used the
defaults from the PSPad help, e.g..
if %1 == -L "%~d0%~p0..\some.exe" %2 %3
if %1 == -S "%~d0%~p0..\some.exe" %2 %3

And I have made many more attempts. I guess that ALL the functionalities have to
be built in first by the user? But this is just a guess, maybe I did something

Is it possible to call a "some.exe" in any path with the deeper plugin, or does
it have to be in the "<PSPad>\Plugins\" folder?

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