Issues with the Tool Panel and entry settings. The relevant settings for the
entry are:

Path: *path_to_script_language_interpreter*
Default Directory: %Dir%
Parameters: %File%
[X] Save All Files Before Compilation
[X] Capture Program Output Window
[X] Hide Output window

1) While the interpreter is running, switching to another file does not update
the status bar. It always shows the values of %File%.

2) When "Capture Program Output Window" is deactivated at start, the "Default
Directory" is not set/used. The script language interpreter complains about a
missing file which is actually present in %Dir%.
You have to activate "Capture Program Output Window" and use the entry once.
Then %Dir% is used even if "Capture Program Output Window" is disabled again.

3) When changing the UI language, the Tool Panel Favourites entries, i.e. Files,
Directories, WWW, etc., are not updated.

4) In the Project Tree, the last character of the project name is cut off.

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