_Macros Not Being Stored_
Today I recorded a macro for the first time. Just a simple string replacement.
After recording the macro, it asked me for a macro name. The entered macro name
appeared then in this little floater, when you hit the icon with the glasses.
Executing this macro from this list did not work, same by hitting F5. The macro
is not listed in the Macro Manager and neither stored as file in the /macro/
directory. If I record another macro, the first ones name gets replaced with the
second, but the rest is like before. Apparently my macros never got stored. Here
a screenshot (viz https://snipboard.io/iP1ON7.jpg ).

Please ensure, that in the Program settings / System integration option [b]Use
multi user environment[/b] is enabled if PSpad is in Program files folder (you
need to run PSpad as admin to grant rights write this option there). 
This option causes write all settings into user profile indstead of the PSPad
folder (in the fact, unchecked means portable mode)

If PSpad is in program files folder, without this option PSPad has no right to
write any options of files like macros.

PSPad freeware editor https://www.pspad.com

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